The man who cooks with the sun

Here’s a story about ingenuity and creativity. If you wish, you can see it as a testament to how the human spirit prevails even under the toughest conditions. If you’re willing, you can see it as an opportunity, a mutual interest, or a proposition for using a renewable regional source of energy for the greater good.

Khaled Bashir, 50, lives in Deir al Balah in the Gaza Strip. Like all Gaza residents, he too has to contend with rationed electricity supply. Now, on a “good” day, electricity is on for eight hours and off for another eight. Like all Gaza residents, he lives with the constant rattle of generators and the never-ending shortage of fuel. He too is well acquainted with the long lines with which one has to contend to buy a tank of cooking gas. Bashir endures all of this, but a little less than others. He has an oven that requires no electricity and no gas.


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