Gaza, Tel Aviv, Gaza

A short film created for Gisha by Itamar Rose, places ordinary Israelis in the roles of those enforcing the criteria on travel from Gaza: specifically the requirement that requests to visit ailing relatives be submitted by first-degree relatives only.

The northern Gaza Strip is only about 50 kilometers away from the city of Hebron in the West Bank. But few people are allowed to travel this short distance. Contrary to popular opinion, Israel did not begin restricting movement between Gaza and the West Bank when Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip, but rather many years earlier. Today, out of millions of Palestinians, only a few thousand people are able to travel between Gaza and the West Bank each month. What does this mean? That families cannot meet, that students cannot pursue their studies, and that many, many people miss out on job opportunities and other options for professional development. The bigger picture? An economy in decline, rising unemployment and a great deal of frustration.



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