Gisha’s international relations coordinator detained and interrogated at the Taba Border Crossing into Israel

August 6, 2018. Simone Zimmerman, Gisha’s international relations coordinator, was detained and interrogated for four hours at the Taba Border Crossing on her way back into Israel from a short vacation in Sinai. During the interrogation, she was asked about her work with Gisha on behalf of Palestinians in Gaza and her political views, and was threatened with deportation. Simone is an American citizen and resides in Israel on a work visa. She was eventually allowed to enter the country, following intervention by several public figures as well as press coverage.

This incident mirrors several like it where human rights defenders and anti-occupation activists are singled out for their work and their views, with the apparent goal of intimidating them and stifling dissent. Gisha, together with Simone, will continue its work protecting human rights, and particularly the right to freedom of movement.