Gisha executive director Tania Hary at the 10th J Street National Conference

April 16, 2018. Gisha executive director Tania Hary participated in two panels at the 10th J Street National Conference in Washington D.C. together with NGO representatives and public opinion leaders.

In a session titled “Activists under siege: The challenges facing human rights leaders,” moderated by Libby Lenkinski from the New Israel Fund, Hary spoke alongside Breaking the Silence’s executive director, Avner Gvaryahu, B’Tselem’s executive director, Hagai El-Ad, and Israeli human rights attorney Emily Schaeffer Omer-Man. Hary said that Israel’s policy of isolating Gaza from the West Bank for the purpose of fragmenting Palestinian society, and shooting at unarmed protestors simply because they are considered a disturbance, indicate an alarming disregard for the lives and fundamental rights of Palestinians. “We have to rise to the challenge and confront the things that undermine our values,” said Hary.

Hary also took part in a panel dedicated to discussing the dire situation in the Strip, titled “Gaza: What would it take to break the cycle of violence,” alongside regional director of OneVoice, Ezzeldeen Masri, CEO of the Abu Tor Economic Policy Research Collaborative, Karim Nashashibi, and member of the executive committee of Commanders for Israel’s Security, Rolly Gueron. Hary shared Gisha’s analysis on the context of Israel’s ongoing control over life in Gaza. She described the demonization of the Strip’s two million residents in Israeli media, and their portrayal as terrorists by military officials and politicians, as deliberate incitement and a desperate attempt to conceal the failure of Israel’s policy of closure and its lack of long-term political strategy.