Gisha’s research director, Salah Mohsen: Any further reduction in Gaza’s electricity will bring Gaza to the brink of a humanitarian crisis

Gisha’s research director, Salah Mohsen, in an interview for “London et Kirschenbaum” on Israeli Channel 10.

June 13, 2017. Gisha’s field coordinator in Gaza, Mohammed Azaiza, was interviewed for an article, published yesterday in the Los Angeles Times, describing the growing anger among the public in the Gaza Strip, directed at Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Israel. In another interview (Hebrew), given to Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “KAN,” Azaiza called the situation in the Strip “a disaster,” saying “there are several parties accountable for the current crisis, including Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. These parties must take responsibility. The lives of two million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are not a game.”

Gisha’s research director, Salah Mohsen, appeared (Hebrew) yesterday on Israeli current affairs news show “London et Kirschenbaum” on Channel 10, and spoke about the deterioration of the current electricity crisis in Gaza. “Further reduction of the electricity supply sold to the Strip by Israel will mean bringing Gaza to the brink of humanitarian crisis, immediately. We speak with people in Gaza all the time and are hearing from them that the infrastructural systems are at their limits, as it is.” He also stated that Israel bears primary responsibility for the situation, due to its ongoing control of the Strip.

Mohsen elaborated on Israel’s responsibility for the situation in a radio interview (Hebrew) for Israeli Broadcasting Corporation “KAN,” saying that “Israel bears the bulk of responsibility for the dire state of Gaza’s infrastructure, because of Israel’s 50 years of control over the Strip, during which time it did very little to improve infrastructure, and in many cases even hindering its development. To this day, Israel still prevents or delays the entrance of materials and equipment that are essential for improving the electricity infrastructure and fixing it. Any further cut to the electricity supply sold to the Gaza Strip by Israel will mean immediate humanitarian crisis. It is a red line that must not be crossed.”