Gisha at Solidarity Film Festival at Tel Aviv Cinematheque

liz 2

Gisha Public Advocacy Coordinator Elizabeth Tsurkov gave a talk about the Gaza Strip last Saturday (May 6, 2017) at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, as part of the Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival. Tsurkov reviewed the dire state of infrastructure in Gaza and described the depth of control Israel still has over the daily lives of its residents, 50 years after its occupation, mostly through restrictions on movement of people and goods.

The event was held as part of the Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival that aims to unite social and political struggles. The talk was preceded by a screening of Moti Kirschenbaum’s iconic film “Grenade in Gaza,” released in 1970, three years after the start of the occupation of the Strip.

The event also featured a short film by Eman Mohammed, an award-winning photojournalist born in Gaza. Her film was produced for Gisha as part of Distant | Relatives, an exhibition about families that are split between the two parts of the occupied Palestinian territory, as a result of restrictions on movement. Israel Prize winner Alex Levac photographed the members of the split families in the West Bank. Over the past decade of Israeli-imposed closure, Gaza’s isolation from the West Bank has been exacerbated. With the near total closure of Rafah Crossing into Egypt, many residents cannot even hope to meet their parents, siblings and other family members who live just a short car ride away abroad, let alone in either part of the Palestinian territory.