Gisha’s research department director: “There is no time to waste when it comes to the state of Gaza’s infrastructure”

January 25, 2017. Salah Mohsen, director of Gisha’s research department, introduced Gisha’s new report, Hand on the Switch: Who’s responsible for Gaza’s infrastructure crisis? on Israeli Channel 1 TV daily news show “Hamusaf”.

Mohsen explained that the report outlines the parties responsible for the crisis and stressed that cooperation is needed by all of them in order to bring much needed change. “We point to all parties responsible for the current state of infrastructure, including Hamas. However, Hamas does not control the crossings [between Israel and Gaza] or what comes into Gaza. Restoring the electricity infrastructure requires, for example, a lot of equipment whose entry Israel delays”.

During the interview, Mohsen also spoke about the responsibility of the international community. “There is no time to waste when it comes to the state of Gaza’s infrastructure”, he said. “The findings of the report corroborate what’s already been said in a UN report [from several years ago], that in 2020, Gaza will become uninhabitable. To avoid this, everyone has to start working now. All of the parties responsible for Gaza’s infrastructure, primarily Israel, must take immediate action to hold back the danger. The raw sewage that is discharged from Gaza into the sea because of the energy and infrastructure crisis doesn’t stop at the Gaza border. It could impact the entire region”.

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