Gisha field coordinator, Mohammad Azaiza, interviewed for International Human Rights Day

Screen shot from the interview with Gisha field coordinator, Mohammed Azaiza.

Screen shot from the interview with Gisha field coordinator, Mohammed Azaiza.

December 13, 2016. In honor of International Human Rights Day, Gisha’s Gaza field coordinator, Mohammed Azaiza, gave an interview to satellite TV channel Musawa about the situation in Gaza and Gisha’s work.

Azaiza highlighted Gaza’s high unemployment rate, which climbed to 43% in the third quarter of 2016, the ongoing shortage of water and electricity supply, food insecurity and the lack of horizon people feel for economic development. Changing all this, he explained, largely depends on freedom of movement. Azaiza said that the closure of Gaza achieves nothing but despair and frustration for Gaza’s residents, and that while Israel’s top security officials have said a lot about the importance of Gaza’s economic recovery, their statements remained little more than words on paper.

Azaiza also spoke about the “security blocks”, or travel bans Israel imposes under the pretext of security, which have proliferated greatly over the last year. The revocation of exit permits, said Azaiza, crushes the dreams of thousands of young people in the Strip. “Families that are split between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and wish to reunite so a mother can hold her children; students who received scholarships to study abroad and wish to travel via Israel to Jordan and from there to their schools… Gisha works hard to help in such cases and in many others”.

Watch the full interview (in Arabic, no subtitles).