Exhibition at Tel Aviv Cinematheque: Distant | Relatives

Samah Zahalka, who is featured in the exhibition, in her Jenin home with her daughter, Zina. Photo by Alex Levac.

July 14, 2015. The Tel Aviv Cinematheque is currently running Distant | Relatives, a photography exhibition, which looks at the lives of three families divided between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The photos were shot by Israel Prize recipient Alex Levac and TED fellow Eman Mohammed, whose photos have appeared in the Guardian, Le Monde, and the Washington Post, to name a few.

Levac (in the West Bank) and Mohammed (in Gaza) photographed three families divided between Gaza and the West Bank: parents who are separated from their children, grandchildren who have never met their grandparents, siblings who need a permit from Israel in order to see each other. The everyday stories of the family members, who have agreed to share a small part of their lives with us in this project, are the big story. From the outside, these families’ lives seem as normal as can be given the circumstances, but the relentless pain of not being able to feel a parent’s touch, a grandchild’s hug, a sister’s encouraging tap on the shoulder, is constantly present.

The exhibition will run until the end of July at the Cinematheque, located on 2 Shprintsak St. in Tel Aviv. Entry is free. A reception, including a discussion on the impact of the separation policy on everyday life in the Palestinian territory, will be held in honor of the exhibition on July 22, with guest speaker journalist Amira Hass.

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