For the first time in two months: Rafah crossing is opened for Palestinians travelling to Egypt

December 21, 2014. Rafah crossing, situated between Gaza and Egypt, was opened today to allow people to cross into Egypt; this marks the first time it has been opened in two months. The crossing was opened between 9:00 and 15:00 and allowed those in of medical attention and individuals with foreign residency, whose visas are about to expire, to travel. The crossing is also supposed to be open tomorrow during the same hours to allow foreign residents and students to exit Gaza. Palestinians will also be allowed to enter into Gaza from Egypt.

In the past 57 days, the crossing did not open at all On the Egyptian side to allow people to cross, and thousands were stuck in Gaza, many of whom are students registered at foreign universities. In the past two months, not a single Palestinian was registered as having left Gaza for Egypt via Rafah crossing, in comparison to 20 thousand people who left each month on average during the first half of 2013, before movement at the crossing was restricted.

The crossing was open on December 1st and for three days during the end of November to allow people to enter Gaza from Egypt. During the month of November, 2,688 people were registered as having entered Gaza from Egypt via the crossing.