Invitation: International Humanitarian Law and Gaza Reconstruction

October 29, 2014. The 9th Annual Minerva/ICRC International Conference on International Humanitarian Law will be held next week, November 3-4 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus Campus. Among the speakers are Gisha Executive Director Adv. Eitan Diamond and Gisha Co-Founder Adv. Sari Bashi, who will participate in the conference’s sixth session on November 4, at Beit Maiersdorf.

The session is entitled Humanitarian Access and Gaza and it is open to the public. To register for the conference, e-mail For the full program.

Adv. Diamond will also participate in a conference held by the Minerva Center at the University of Haifa entitled The Israeli Democracy in War – Was the Edge Protected?, on Wednesday, November 5. Adv. Diamond participates in the fourth session, from 4:15 PM to 6 PM.  Dr. Eliav Lieblich, Gisha board member, participates in the first session from 10:15 AM to 11:30 AM. The conference will be held at Mitzpor Ofer on the 30th floor. Advance registration is required and available here.