Gisha condemns the attack on Rafah Crossing

Rafah Crossing, before the strikes. Photo: Eman Mohammed

Rafah Crossing, before the strikes. Photo: Eman Mohammed

August 25, 2014. Israeli strikes in the area of Rafah Crossing caused severe damage to buildings minutes after midnight. According to reports, a local guard was killed in the attack. Although offices, the passenger terminal and the parking lot at Rafah Crossing were severely damaged, the Palestinian Crossings Authority announced that the crossing would continue to operate today.

Over the past three days, Rafah was open for the exit of casualties, medical emergencies and Palestinians holding foreign passports, residency status and visas.

Gisha reiterates that the crossings are not a legitimate target and condemns any attack that threatens the free movement of civilians and civilian goods through the crossings.

Attacks on the crossings are strictly prohibited as they endanger civilians and the civilian population as a whole, which is dependent on them.

This morning Erez Crossing resumed activity in a restricted format, after being closed yesterday at 1:30 pm, following a mortar attack that injured three individuals. The crossing was open today for the exit of medical patients and their companions. The crossing was also shut down again today for a short time due to what was described as a “security incident”.