Gisha condemns the attack on Erez Crossing

Erez Crossing. Photo: Karl Schembri

Erez Crossing. Photo: Karl Schembri

August 24, 2014. This afternoon, mortar fire in the area of Erez Crossing injured three Individuals. According to reports, the wounded were evacuated under continuous fire. Erez Crossing was subsequently closed other than for passage of medical patients in need of life-saving treatment and return to Gaza of Gaza residents from Israel. Erez Crossing is the only pedestrian crossing connecting Gaza with Israel and the West Bank.

During this time, it is all the more important that the crossings continue to operate for transit of urgent medical cases and to allow flow of goods.

Gisha reiterates that the crossings are not a legitimate target and condemns any attack that threatens the free movement of civilians and civilian goods through the crossings.

Attacks on the crossings are strictly prohibited as they endanger civilians and the civilian population as a whole, which is dependent on them.