Infrastructure damaged again during hostilities

Electricity lines damaged again. Photo: PHR-Israel, Flickr. CC BY 2.0

August 10, 2014. The Energy Authority and electricity company repaired eight of ten high tension lines transferring electricity purchased from Israel. Ninety-six megawatts of electricity are entering from Israel, however, due to damage to internal lines inside the Strip, the electricity isn’t reaching all areas. The length of power outages in most areas is about 15 hours per day, excepting eastern areas of the Strip where electricity infrastructure has been completely destroyed and no supply is available. The situation is very dynamic as electricity infrastructure is being routinely damaged in the fighting.


Kerem Shalom Crossing closed early today due to rocket fire in the area. Palestinian workers arrived to the crossing in the morning in order to transfer goods and fuel to the Strip, however, they were instructed to leave following rocket fire. The crossing re-opened around noon, however, staff of the fuel authority did not return to the crossing and thus fuel was not transferred today. Normally fuel is transferred until 2:30. Thirty-four truckloads of goods entered Gaza today, out of 238 that had been ordered and were expected to be transferred. The crossing is expected to operate regularly tomorrow.

Last week (August 3 – 9), 1,161 truckloads of goods entered Gaza as well as 117 truckloads of fuel, a daily average of 194 truckloads of goods and 23 truckloads of fuel. The week prior to the military operation (July 29 – August 3), 243 truckloads of goods entered per day as well as 38 truckloads of fuel.

Erez Crossing operated today according to a restricted format for exit of medical patients, casualties of the military operation and their companions. Foreign citizens were also permitted to cross in both directions.

Rafah Crossing was open today for exit of casualties of the military operation, medical patients, foreign passport, residency and visa holders. On Friday, three busloads of passengers exited Gaza via Rafah, mainly medical patients and foreign citizens. The crossing also operated yesterday for exit of foreign citizens and return of Palestinians to Gaza.


Today a pipeline bringing water purchased from Israel to central Gaza was damaged. The pipe normally carries 500 cubic meters of water/hour but much less is entering due to the damage. The Palestinian Water Authority is attempting to make repairs to the line.