Cutting Gaza off from electricity: Disastrous for Gaza and for us

August 3, 2014. Gisha executive director, Adv. Eitan Diamond, was interviewed for Channel 2 news. From the interview:

“I think it [cutting Gaza’s electricity supply] would certainly be disastrous for Gaza residents, and also for us. The situation [in Gaza] is terrible right now, partly because most of the population is currently not receiving electricity, and those who do, receive it irregularly”.

“More than a million people aren’t receiving water right now, because the sewage system there is collapsing, which is also connected to the fact that electricity supply is currently irregular.  To allow a densely populated area with millions of people to have no water, to have sewage seeping into the water system and flowing into the streets, and no electricity – is just asking for a disaster, for a humanitarian catastrophe”.

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