Ordinary people in Gaza feel Israel in every aspect of life

Adv. Eitan Diamond, Channel 10 News screen shot.

Adv. Eitan Diamond, Channel 10 News screen shot.

July 15, 2014. Adv. Eitan Diamond, Gisha executive director, was interviewed (Hebrew) by Guy Zohar, on Israeli radio 103FM: “The crossings are part of the control […] We also control Gaza’s air space. There’s no movement via the air space – except by Israeli planes. We control Gaza’s sea space, so there is no movement there, except by fishermen, as dictated and restricted by Israel. There’s no movement in farming areas near Gaza’s perimeter fence. Israel controls the land crossings and has complete control over critical movement between Gaza and the West Bank, which of course has a tremendous impact on the lives of Gaza’s residents, as there are very strong ties, and dependency, between Gaza and the West Bank.

“He [the ordinary person in Gaza] feels Israel in every aspect of life. Israel also controls Gaza’s population registry and the taxation system. Palestinians in Gaza feel like they are still under Israeli control”.

Diamond was also interviewed (Hebrew) on the “Real Economy” on Israeli radio’s Reshet Alef, where he spoke about Israel’s control in Gaza and the sale of electricity from Israel to the Strip. In an interview for Channel 10 News (Hebrew) on July 12, Diamond said: “Unfortunately, the way in which Israel has chosen to realize its control and its responsibility is highly problematic. The policy Israel systematically advances is the policy of closure. It has created a reality of constant crisis in the Gaza Strip. Aside from the fact that this reality reflects a failure on Israel’s part to fulfil its legal obligations, it also, in my view, fails to serve our interests”.

Yesterday, Israeli news website Walla! published on op-ed (Hebrew) about Gaza’s electricity crisis, written by Gisha’s spokesperson Shai Grunberg: “First, we should set the record straight and clarify that Israel sells electricity to the Gaza Strip, as it does many other products, beginning with all types of fuel and ending with hummus sold in grocery stores, sales totaling more than NIS 1.3 billion per year. Second, due to a number of factors, Israel has an obligation to sell Gaza electricity”.