Rafah Crossing closed since Wednesday

September 16, 2013. Rafah Crossing has remained closed since the middle of last Wednesday following further violence in Sinai. According to Palestinian sources, Palestinians who are currently in third countries are unable at present to purchase flight tickets to Cairo because of the continued closure of the crossing. Only a limited number of tunnels are operational today, used for the transfer of construction materials and fuel. It is estimated that on Saturday, 600,000 liters of diesel entered Gaza via the tunnels – 330,000 liters of which were used for the operation of Gaza's power plant. 

As a result of the decrease in the quantity of fuel entering the Strip, today the price of a liter of diesel is 3.80 shekels, compared to 3.10 shekels before the change in Egyptian policy toward the Gaza Strip at the beginning of July. There are also disruptions to public transportation in Gaza.