Gaza Power Plant: fuel reserves will last only for a day or two

September 10, 2013. The Gaza Power Plant reports that reserves of fuel are low and will last the plant for a day or two. The plant is currently operating two turbines, instead of the usual three. Electricity outages have increased but an effort has been made to maintain maximum output of electricity during daylight hours and distribute outages during nighttime hours. There have been reports that additional diesel reserves in the Sinai were destroyed today.

During the month of August, there was a 23% drop in the entrance of diesel via the tunnels, compared to the monthly average for the first half of the year. Reports indicate that the entrance of fuel was further disrupted during September but it is unclear exactly what is happening on the ground.

Israel is not limiting the quantity of fuel that can enter via the Kerem Shalom crossing and has extended the crossing's operating hours. However, the price of the Israeli fuel is almost double that of the Egyptian fuel that enters through the tunnels, such that both the private and public sectors in Gaza rely heavily on the tunnels for supply.

As of yesterday, estimates were that between 5-6 tunnels were operating for the transfer of fuel and two for construction materials. Reports indicate that no fuel or construction materials were transferred yet today.