Minister of Defense ordered closure of Kerem Shalom crossing following rocket fire this morning

March 21, 2013. Minister of Defense, Moshe (Bogie) Yaalon, has ordered the closure of Kerem Shalom crossing for goods, following a rocket fire from the Gaza Strip toward Israel. It is still unclear how long the crossing will remained closed. Israel also cut Gaza fishing parameters (Hebrew) from 6 to 3 miles from coast.
It is the second time this month that Israel’s defense establishment has restricted movement at the crossings between Israel and Gaza in response to rocket fire. Gisha calls upon Israel to refrain from a “Price Tag” policy targeting Gaza residents, thus punishing them for actions of armed groups they have no control of. Deliberate or indiscriminate fire at civilians, like the rocket fire this morning, violates international law and is a war crime. However the principle that civilians must not be targeted to harm or punish holds true for both sides.The Minister of Defense should order the re-opening of Kerem Shalom crossing, enabling transfer of goods.