The Ministry of Interior will compel Israeli citizens living in Gaza to undergo tissue-type (genetic) tests before entering Israel

March 3, 2013. Gisha filed a petition to the Court for Administrative Affairs in Beersheva on behalf of “Al-Wahidi”, as she requested we identify her, an Israeli citizen residing in the Gaza Strip, who was told to undergo tissue-type testing as a condition for obtaining an Israeli passport. The state’s submission to the court indicates that the Interior Ministry is formulating a protocol that will require Israeli citizens who live in the Gaza Strip to undergo tissue-type testing in order to verify their identity before they enter Israel.

It should be noted that the Israeli authorities do not deny there is an Israeli citizen by the name of Al-Wahidi and that her Gaza residency card is indeed an Israeli document. Court Vice-President Sara Dovrat instructed the state to submit a response, supported by an affidavit, in two weeks, recommending the state suggest a “practical solution” for the matter.

More information about the petition is available in Amira Hass’ report in Haaretz.