Gisha executive director: The Interior Ministry didn’t even try to identify the women who were told to undergo tissue-type testing

March 10, 2013. Gisha Executive Director Sari Bashi gave a radio interview about the Ministry of Interior decision to formulate a protocol that would require Israeli citizens who live in the Gaza Strip to undergo tissue-type (genetic) testing. The interview aired on the IDF radio show “Cross Examination”, beginning at minute 28.

From the interview:
Every month, the army is able to identify thousands of Palestinians who aren’t Israeli citizens by referring to their Palestinian ID cards, which is no surprise – the Palestinian ID card is an army-certified document […] The Interior Ministry didn’t even try to identify [these women]. We are talking about women who submitted applications to enter Israel which the Interior Ministry didn’t bother answering for many months, in one case even more than a year. When we had to take legal action, the Interior Ministry’s answer was – we demand genetic testing.

To hear the full interview click here (Hebrew)