Unemployment in Gaza rises to 32.2%

February 24, 2013. Figures published by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics show that Gaza’s unemployment rate stood at 32.2% in the last quarter of 2012, compared to 31.9% in the previous quarter. The unemployment rate in the West Bank is 18.3% compared to 20.4% in the previous quarter.
The highest unemployment rate in Gaza was recorded in the northern district – 36.4%. The unemployment rate among women in Gaza stands at 48.3%, compared to 28.5% among men. Among young people aged 15-29, the rate is 48.9%.
The public sector employs 40.1% of Gaza’s workforce. Salaried workers account for 77% of the workforce and 14.1% are self-employed. Business owners make up 3.5% of the workforce and 5.4% work for a family business without pay.