Who should be criticizing the UN’s Human Rights Council?

February 24, 2013. Yoni Eshpar, director of Gisha’s public department, explains in an op-ed in Haaretz (Hebrew) how the UN Human Rights Council’s engagement on Israel undermines its effectiveness

From the op-ed:

Suppose the Human Rights Council had an impeccable reputation as a professional, neutral and fair body. Suppose Israel wasn’t the only country in the world that had a permanent place on the council’s agenda. Suppose also that all the experts appointed by the council to examine the state of human rights in areas under Israeli control were perceived as balanced and entirely free of any bias in favor of one party or another. An imaginary Human Rights Council such as this would undoubtedly pose a greater challenge to Israel’s policy in the Occupied Territory. Its [recent] report might have helped revive Israeli public debate about the settlements, which has been silenced while the public is busy shooting the messenger and standing united against a hostile world. A report written by such a council would have greater saliency in the US and in Europe as in other circles that now tend to take the council’s publications with a grain of salt. Simply put, such a report would be a much more effective tool for criticism.

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