Yes, we know you’re Israeli, but you still can’t enter Israel

דרכון פלסטיני. A Palestinian passport. Photo by Albatalab, CC BY-SA 3.0 January 2, 2013. It is not just Palestinian residents of Gaza who have trouble traveling to the West Bank or Israel, but also Israeli citizens. Two days a go, Gisha filed a petition to the Beer Sheva District Court on behalf of Huda Wahidi, an Israeli resident of Gaza. The authorities refuse to coordinate her entry into Israel as she does not have an Israeli identity card which in fact is in the possession of the authorities in Israel.

Last week, Gisha also filed a petition to the District/Administrative Court in Jerusalem on behalf of the three sisters of the Dabas family and one of the women's son, a minor. They have been trying to enter Israel since August. The Israeli authorities claim that the Palestinian identity cards they have are insufficient for recognizing them as Israeli citizens. This despite the fact that they were allowed to enter Israel to attend their sister’s wedding in 2011 using the very same identity cards.