How should we read this COGAT report?

Is 3,888 the number of Palestinians who exited or the number of permits granted? Erez CrossingJuly 29, 2012: Gisha sent a letter to the public communications officer at the office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) asking for clarifications on the figures the office presents in its weekly and monthly reports. The request followed a number of COGAT reports which were unclear.

So, for example, in its report for April 2012, COGAT indicated that 3,888 Palestinians exited Gaza through the Erez crossing. However, it is unclear whether this figure relates to the number of Palestinians who exited or the number of exit permits granted, with the possibility of multiple permits being granted to one person in the course of a month. Similarly, it is unclear whether 1,657 different merchants exited Gaza during the month of April or merchants exited Gaza 1,657 times during that month.

Another example is the overall number of permits. According to the report, 1,726 permits were handed out in April, but when one adds up the numbers of permits given to patients, staff members of international organizations and individuals visiting family members outside the Strip, the total is only 1,638.

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