The government approves permits for 5,000 additional Palestinian laborers in the construction sector in Israel

July 19, 2012. The website of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories reports that on July 17, the political-economic cabinet approved an increase of 5,000 Palestinian workers for the construction sector in Israel with the aim of bolstering the Palestinian economy. The decision came more than a year after the submission of the Eckstein Committee report, which recommended that the number of Palestinian workers in Israel be increased and that the apparatus that oversees Palestinian employment in the country be improved. The committee held that this would benefit the workers themselves, their employers and both the Israeli and Palestinian economies. Representatives of the security establishment who sat on the committee noted that this would also promote Israeli security interests.In May 2012, Gisha published a position paper that exposed the extent of the lack of coordination between the various state agencies that handle Palestinian employment in Israel today and how this situation leads to corruption and undermines security.

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