Truck carrying furniture exists Gaza for an expo of Palestinian products in Jordan.

Six companies will participate in the expo. Photo: Pallets of furniture loaded onto trucksJune 28, 2012: A truck carrying furniture made by six Gaza-based companies left Gaza on its way to Jordan yesterday. The six companies will participate in an expo that was initiated by the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and takes place next week, from July 4-7. Some 50 additional companies, from the West Bank, will also participate in the expo, showcasing various products such as food, clothing and footwear.
In January of this year, another truckload of furniture traveled to an expo in Jordan and it too crossed Israel and the West Bank in order to get there. Despite these isolated cases, and with the exception of one case in which date bars were transferred from Gaza to the West Bank, the prohibition on the sale of Gaza-made goods in the West Bank and Israel continues.