Major General Dangot: The government’s policy is intended to create a separation between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank

May 6, 2012: the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Major General Eitan Dangot, opposed allowing family visits for prisoners from the Gaza Strip, based on the claim that the visits were cancelled as part of the “separation policy” (in Hebrew: bidul, which means separation or differentiation). Dangot, who made these statements during a discussion about the administrative detainees’ hunger strike, said that the government policy is to “separate” the Gaza Strip from the West Bank in order to put pressure on the Hamas regime to support the Palestinian Authority.
This is not the first time senior officials in the security establishment have mentioned the “separation policy” but this is one of the only occasions on which the purpose of this policy was stated explicitly. We will soon publish a position paper which details what is known about the separation policy, the explanations given for it by state officials and what different experts say about its economic, security and political implications.