Unemployment rate in Gaza on the rise: 30.3%

February 23, 2012: Gaza’s unemployment rate in the final quarter of 2011 was 30.3%, a 2.3% increase from the previous quarter, according to figures published by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). The highest unemployment rate in the Strip was recorded in the Khan Yunis district, where it stood at 34.9%. There are currently 108,000 unemployed individuals in the Gaza Strip.

Unemployment among men stands at 27%, compared to 46.4% among women. Unemployment rates among young people aged 15 to 29 is 46.5%.

The figures published by PCBS further indicate that 39.5% of those who do have jobs in the Gaza Strip are employed in the public sector. Salaried employees account for 75.1% of the workforce, 16.3% are self-employed, 3.7% are business owners and 4.9% work for a family business without pay.