What does one have to do to get permission to travel from Gaza to Israel? Just come sign this form…in Israel.

February 8, 2012. The Population and Immigration Authority does not accept powers of attorney sent by fax and in so doing prevents Israeli lawyers from representing Palestinian citizens of Israel who live in the Gaza Strip. The Population and Immigration Authority claims that a power of attorney is valid only if it is signed when both counsel and client are present, and since Gaza residents often require legal assistance just to get out of the Strip, obtaining this power of attorney is impossible.

Gisha contacted Interior Minister Eli Yishai regarding this issue on September 1, 2011, but has yet to receive an adequate response. Five months after the letter was sent, Gisha also contacted the Israeli Bar Association requesting that it take action. Adv. Inbal Rubinstein, chair of the constitutional and human rights forum of the Israeli Bar Association, heeded the request and on February 1, 2012, she too sent a letter to the interior minister. We hope that he finds the time to respond to the bar association’s letter, as he has yet to respond to ours.

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