Gisha Executive Director Sari Bashi: There is no contradiction between saying Gaza is occupied and holding Hamas accountable for its actions there.

Gisha Executive Director, Sari Bashi, wrote an op-ed for the Jerusalem Post regarding the legal status of Gaza. Bashi was responding to an op-ed published by Hillel Neuer, in which he claimed that the Gaza Strip was no longer occupied since Israel no longer has effective control there. Bashi claims that Israel continues to maintain effective control over many aspects of life in Gaza and therefore has obligations toward Gaza’s residents in relation to these spheres. Bashi also argues that the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip has responsibilities for the aspects of life that are under its control.
The Jerusalem Post also published a video clip and story about Israel's criteria for Palestinian travel from Israel and the West Bank to the Gaza Strip and how they affect the lives of Palestinians both inside and outside Gaza.
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