Director of Gisha, Sari Bashi: Instead of presenting evidence, the Israeli army uses administrative measures against Palestinians

Director of Gisha, Sari Bashi, wrote an article to +972 magazine about Bakr Haffi, a 38-year-old Palestinian man who was deported to the Gaza Strip on suspicion of being a Hamas activist.
A quote from the article:
“You can’t sell Bakr Haffi’s case to the mainstream media, and you can’t win it in the Israeli High Court of Justice. The 38-year-old Palestinian man, a bee keeper by trade, has not seen his wife and two daughters for two years. It all began when he was arrested in his home in Tulkarem in the northern West Bank on suspicion of being a Hamas activist. After a month of interrogation that yielded no results, a military judge ordered his release. But instead of releasing him back to his home and family in Tulkarem, the military removed him to the Gaza Strip, which is listed as his place of residence in the Israeli-administered Palestinian population registry. Israel refuses to recognize relocation from the Gaza Strip to the West Bank, even for people like Bakr, who moved to the West Bank back in 1999 and established a family there.”
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