The Supreme Court hears arguments in Gisha’s petition to allow a resident of the Gaza Strip to enter the West Bank

Gisha appeared before the Supreme Court on Monday, December 19, 2011, to argue a petition by Ihab, a Palestinian resident of the Gaza Strip who wishes to enter the West Bank in order to ask for his intended’s hand in marriage. Adv. Nomi Heger, director of Gisha’s legal department argued that Ihab is seeking to enter the West Bank for a limited time and has presented ample evidence of his intention to leave the West Bank on January 1, 2012: a return airline ticket to the United States and a letter from his American university confirming his enrollment as a student and his position as a teaching assistant at the university.
The state rejected Ihab's application for a permit on the grounds that it does not meet the humanitarian criteria justifying entry into the West Bank by Palestinian residents whose registered address is in the Gaza Strip. The court issued an order nisi compelling the state to respond to the petition within three days and strongly recommended that the state reconsider its position.