Gisha files court petition on behalf of a Gaza resident wishing to enter the West Bank to ask for his intended’s hand in marriage

Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement has filed a petition to the High Court of Justice on behalf of Ihab, a Palestinian resident of the Gaza Strip who wishes to enter the West Bank via the Allenby Bridge and remain there for two weeks, in order to ask for the hand of a West Bank resident.
Ihab has been living in the United States since April 2010, where he is studying for a Master’s in information systems engineering and management. He wishes to sign a marriage contract with his intended over the winter break and then return to his studies. The security establishment is preventing Ihab from entering the West Bank on the claim that his application does not meet the humanitarian criteria justifying entry into the West Bank by Palestinians whose registered address is in the Gaza Strip.
Ihab received his student visa after traveling from the Gaza Strip via the Erez crossing with a permit in early January 2010 for a visa interview at the American Consulate in east Jerusalem. He left for the US on April 8, 2010, via Israel and the Allenby Bridge, all of which indicates that there is no security claim against him. After asking for his intended’s hand, Ihab plans to return to his studies which resume on January 9, 2010. He has already purchased a plane ticket to Amman on December 10, 2011 and a return ticket to the US for January 2, 2012.
Since Ihab has arrived from the US for a limited time and since the security establishment allowed (Hebrew) a Palestinian resident of Gaza to enter the West Bank via the Allenby Bridge in similar circumstances, Ihab filed a petition to the HCJ through Gisha, in the hope that he has not come all this way in vain.