After a decade apart, travel from the West Bank to visit family in Gaza

A.M. (not her real name) was born in the Gaza Strip and has been living with her husband in the West Bank since 1968. For close to a decade, since the beginning of the Intifada in 2000, A.M. was unable to visit her daughter, five grandchildren and elderly mother who live in the Gaza Strip.

In February 2010, with Gisha’s assistance, the army allowed A.M. to enter the Gaza Strip for a few days in order to visit her mother who was 93 at the time and suffering from a severe medical condition. At the end of that year, Gisha helped A.M. visit Gaza a second time. On this occasion, A.M. spent two months with her family in the Gaza Strip. When she wished to return to her home in the West Bank, she encountered bureaucratic delays, which Gisha battled for over a month, until A.M. was able to return home to the West Bank.