About 350 people attend film screening hosted by Gisha at the Solidarity – Tel Aviv Human Rights Film Festival

ערב של "גישה" בפסטיבל סולידריות. צילום: קרן מנור

Gisha at the Solidarity Film Festival. Photo by Keren Manor

On December 9, Gisha hosted an event as part of the Solidarity – Tel Aviv Human Rights Festival, attended by more than 350 people, which included a screening of Ireland’s 2020 Oscar Awards entry, the documentary film Gaza.

At the opening of the event, Gisha’s public advocacy coordinator Noa Galili shared information and analysis about the situation in Gaza. She described how movement and access restrictions imposed by Israel impact daily life in the Strip, with examples from cases handled by Gisha. Galili emphasized that given its ongoing control over movement of people and goods to and from Gaza, Israel is responsible for protecting basic rights of the civilian population and enabling normal life in the Strip.

Before the screening of the film Gaza, Gisha screened If Only, a clip featuring young women and men in Gaza discussing what freedom of movement means to them, and what life in Gaza would be like if they had it. The clip is based on street interviews conducted by Gisha’s field coordinator in the Strip, Mohammed Azaiza, and photographer and filmmaker Asmaa Elkhaldi.

After the film, Gisha also screened highlights from a conversation between Gisha’s international relations director, Jessica Burnstein, and the directors of Gaza, Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell when they visited Tel Aviv in November. Gaza was filmed over a period of four years, during which Keane and McConnell followed the daily lives of several residents as they face the challenges of life under closure.

To watch If Only – Young Palestinians in Gaza on What Freedom of Movement Means to Them, click here.