Rafah Crossing still closed to exit from Gaza Rafah Crossing still closed to exit from Gaza
Update (January 28, 2019): Three weeks ago, the PA announced its decision to remove its employees from Rafah Crossing between Gaza and Egypt. The continued operation of the crossing, which has been opened consecutively since mid-May 2018 after being mostly closed for five years, is uncertain. Read More »


A Christmas story A Christmas story
December 25, 2018. Israel regularly frames holiday permits for Christians as “gestures of goodwill.” In practice, holiday permits are often used as yet another means of exerting pressure on Palestinians living under Israel’s control. Read More »

New strawberry season, old problems New strawberry season, old problems
December 9, 2018. It is strawberry season again in Gaza. According to the Gaza Ministry of Agriculture, land use for strawberry cultivation increased by more than 20% this year. While COGAT boasts of the strawberry market in Gaza in its posts online, it fails to respond to the legitimate needs of growers and suppliers. Read More »

Israel must take action to remove restrictions on access to and from Gaza
November 14, 2018. According to media reports, the ceasefire agreement reached yesterday between Israel and the de facto Hamas authorities in the Strip is essentially a return to the agreement reached in late 2014. In the four-plus years since the ceasefire was reached, there has been a gaping chasm between Israel’s official rhetoric and its actions on the ground in Gaza. Read More »

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