Increase in Gaza’s unemployment rate in 2019 Increase in Gaza’s unemployment rate in 2019
March 5, 2020. In 2019, Gaza’s unemployment rate averaged 45.1% compared to 43.1% in 2018. The gap between the unemployment rate in Gaza and the West Bank remains staggering; Gaza’s rate is more than triple that of the West Bank. Read More »

Easing, punishment, easings, repeat. Easing, punishment, easings, repeat.
February 23, 2020. On Tuesday, February 18, the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) announced an increase in permits for Gaza traders to 7,000 permits. It’s never quite that simple. Read More »

Collective punishment continues Collective punishment continues
February 18, 2020. Israel continues to collectively punish Gaza residents. On Saturday, COGAT again announced that “civilian measures” that it had planned to implement were cancelled as punishment for rocket fire launched from the Strip. Read More »

Gisha’s statement on the Middle East Peace Plan
January 29, 2020. The “peace plan” presented yesterday in Washington D.C. aims to make permanent a reality of fragmentation, isolation and division in the occupied Palestinian territory. Further entrenching the dispossession of Palestinians and perpetuating the occupation is a recipe for ongoing conflict, not peace. Read More »

Gaza Strip Map Gaza Strip Map
January 9, 2020. A new and updated map published by Gisha emphasizes the spatial dimensions of Israel’s ongoing control over Gaza, and the means by which Israel denies movement of people and goods. The map includes data and background on the crossing points with Israel and Egypt, the “fishing zone” enforced by Israel in Gaza’s territorial waters, and the “buffer zone” it imposes along the barrier separating Gaza from Israel. Read More »

Gisha reaffirms that the rights of Palestinians in Gaza must not be used as bargaining chips in political barter Gisha reaffirms that the rights of Palestinians in Gaza must not be used as bargaining chips in political barter
January 1, 2020. Israel’s security cabinet convened today to discuss what has been portrayed in various media outlets as “civilian easings,” that is, measures to be implemented by Israel as part of a “settlement” or long-term ceasefire agreement with Hamas. Improving the living conditions of Gaza’s two million residents, half of whom are children, is an urgent imperative but “easings” and “gestures” are nowhere near enough. Read More »


COGAT’s Christmas Flip-flop COGAT’s Christmas Flip-flop
December 23, 2019. Just three days ahead of Christmas, after weeks of uncertainty and contradictory responses, COGAT announced Israel will issue permits for Gaza Christians to travel to the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Read More »

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