Gaza 2013: Snapshot Gaza 2013: Snapshot
June 2, 2013. What is the cause of the electricity shortage in Gaza? Why are medicines lacking? What’s the fishing zone limit? How close can one approach to the border fence? Access issues in Gaza today in seven parts. Read More »

New position paper by Gisha: Creeping Punishment New position paper by Gisha: Creeping Punishment
5 May, 2013. A new position paper by Gisha looks at access restrictions imposed in recent months following rocket fire from Gaza toward Israel, the effects of what might be a new policy on residents of the Strip, and what Israeli farmers and security officials think about it. Read More »

Following the firing of a rocket from Gaza towards Israel last night, Kerem Shalom Crossing is closed and travel at Erez Crossing is further restricted
April 28, 2013. The army spokesperson’s office tweeted that further restrictions enforced on movement to and from Gaza were “due to security concerns”. At Erez Crossing, travel is being permitted for Israeli citizens, medical patients and foreigners. Passage of other humanitarian cases is being approved on a case-by-case basis. Read More »

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