You won’t stop tunnels this way You won’t stop tunnels this way
October 27, 2013. Gisha Executive Director Sari Bashi wrote an op-ed for Haaretz about the discovery of the tunnel from Gaza to Ein Hashlosha and whether or not stopping the entry of building materials into Gaza will actually prevent other tunnels from being dug. Read More »

Rafah Crossing was opened yesterday
October 9, 2013. Rafah Crossing was opened yesterday after being closed for 3 days and will remain open through early next week, with the exception of Friday. Small quantities of cement were transferred through the tunnels to Gaza. Read More »

Rafah closure: Celebrate Id al-Fitr or go back to Sweden? Rafah closure: Celebrate Id al-Fitr or go back to Sweden?
On July 5, travel via  the Rafah border crossing began to be restricted. As a result of Israeli imposed access restrictions, Rafah is Gaza’s main connection to the outside world. Restrictions thwarted the travel plans of more than 10,000 individuals in the Gaza Strip . We interviewed a few of them. Read More »

Update: Construction materials transferred from Israel to Gaza’s private sector, Rafah Crossing closed until further notice, significant drop in entrance of fuel via tunnels

September 24, 2013. The entrance of construction materials to Gaza, via Kerem Shalom, has led to a fall in prices, but supply still does not meet Gaza’s needs. Rafah Crossing remains closed until further notice. Gaza students have made a public call to Egyptian authorities to allow them to travel to studies abroad. The quantity of fuel entering the Strip via the tunnels has decreased and is being transferred only for use at Gaza’s power plant.
Read More »

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