Civilians are not a legitimate target
June 17, 2014. Gisha strongly condemns any action which deliberately targets civilians, whether the firing of rockets towards civilian population centers or the kidnapping of civilians, particularly minors. In the same vein, it is also forbidden to harm civilians by restricting movement of people and goods. Read More »

“So much opportunity, so much hope” “So much opportunity, so much hope”
March 25, 2014. Sari Bashi, Gisha’s founder, was interviewed for Open Society Foundations about the closure of Gaza, freedom of movement and the great potential for improving the lives of Israelis and Palestinians in the region. Read More »

Eating Israeli Hummus in Gaza Eating Israeli Hummus in Gaza
March 9, 2014. You can find Israeli hummus and cheese on the shelves of Gaza’s grocery stores, says a Ynet News report, but in Israel, you won’t be able to enjoy strawberries from Gaza. Read More »

All because of a logo All because of a logo
February 17, 2014. The military refuses to process requests to exit Gaza because application forms bear the logo “State of Palestine”. Gisha’s director: It’s a shame that this battle is fought at the expense of medical patients. Read More »

The questions that remain unanswered The questions that remain unanswered
February 6, 2014. Israel’s ministry of defense has announced that it does not intend to lift the ban on the sale of construction materials to Gaza. It’s still unclear why it is choosing to pursue a policy that conflicts with Israel’s interests as defined by the heads of the security establishment. Read More »

“This is profound, unnecessary, unemployment”
February 6, 2014. in an interview on Razi Barkai’s radio show “Ma Boer”, Gisha Executive Director Adv. Sari Bashi, talked about the construction material shortage in Gaza: “The impact is immense. So far, 20,000 out of 70,000 people employed in the construction sector have lost their jobs”. Read More »

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