No prayer under fire No prayer under fire
June 9, 2016. Israel announced that it will not allow Gaza residents to travel to Jerusalem for prayer at Al-Aqsa tomorrow. The official reason is the shooting attack that took place last night in Tel Aviv. Indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilians are despicable acts that must be strongly condemned. Cancelling the permits for worshippers has no security justification Read More »

Rafah Crossing closed once again Rafah Crossing closed once again
June 6, 2016. Rafah Crossing was open for four days during which 3,142 crossings into Egypt were recorded, along with 894 crossings into the Gaza Strip. Around 30,000 people are on the waiting list to exit through Rafah. The crossing is closed once again. Read More »

A little more sea A little more sea
April 6, 2016. Israel notified this week that the designated fishing zone has been expanded to nine nautical miles in the southern Gaza Strip only. Fishermen in Gaza report a wider variety of fish caught, if not more just yet. Read More »

A punishment instead of a solution A punishment instead of a solution
April 5, 2016. The decision to ban the private sector in Gaza from bringing in cement to Gaza constitutes collective punishment of individuals who have nothing to do with alleged violations of the protocols of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM) Read More »

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