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Back to Gaza
February 15, 2015. After Hamas took over, Hanan left Gaza. She did not imagine that for seven years Israel would not let her return there and see her husband Read More »


Your mother passed away? Please wait here Your mother passed away? Please wait here
December 31, 2014. Samah’s mother passed away, and she spent the first day of mourning on a bench at the DCO. She received a permit to visit with her grieving family in Gaza only the next day. COGAT: “All the necessary conclusions were drawn”. Read More »

Received passports, but were compelled to leave their family
October 26, 2014. Two sisters born in Gaza to an Israeli mother are, by law, Israeli citizens themselves. Due to registration problems, they lived for years without any official documentation: neither Palestinian nor Israeli. Following Gisha’s intervention, they received Israeli passports but had to leave their home. Read More »


Following Gisha’s activities: The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories begins publishing procedures and protocols on its website
The Freedom of Information Act stipulates that public authorities must publish the procedures and protocols that govern their operations. How is it, then, that there are more COGAT procedures and protocols on Gisha’s website than on COGAT’s own website? Take a peek into the Sisyphean battle it takes to get the authorities to obey a simple legal provision. Read More »

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