Frequently Asked Questions: Students trapped in Gaza
November 2008. The following document seeks to answer questions and common misperceptions about the situation of Palestinian students who are residents of the Gaza Strip and have been prevented from leaving in order to reach universities abroad by the policy of closure. Read More »

Presentation: Students Still Trapped in Gaza
July 2008. Hundreds of young Palestinian men and women are trapped in the Gaza Strip, prevented from pursuing academic studies abroad. This PowerPoint presentation describes the Israeli policies that perpetuate this situation. Read More »

Held Back: Students Trapped in Gaza
May 2008. Hundreds of young Palestinian men and women are trapped in the Gaza Strip and cannot leave to pursue academic studies abroad. The closure that Israel has imposed on Gaza prevents them from exercising their right to freedom of movement and to access education. Read More »

Gaza Fuel Restrictions: Walking Toward Crisis
April 2008. Gaza residents are completely dependent on fuel delivered via the Nahal Oz crossing between Israel and Gaza. Gaza’s fuel shortage began in October 2007, when Israel restricted the quantities of fuel that it permits Gaza residents to purchase Read More »

Briefing: Israeli High Court Decision Authorizing Fuel and Electricity Cuts to Gaza (HCJ 9132/07, issued January 30, 2008)

January 30, 2008. Israel's Supreme Court rejected a petition filed by ten Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups challenging punitive measures taken against Gaza's civilian population, especially restrictions on supply of fuel and electricity to Gaza. This is a preliminary description of the decision, designed to provide information concerning the court ruling.
Read More »


Disengaged Occupiers: The Legal Status of Gaza
January 2007. This report analyzes Gaza’s legal status after the 2005 “disengagement” and asserts that Israel continues to control the Strip’s borders, airspace, territorial waters, population registry and tax system, and therefore owes legal obligations to the residents of Gaza. Read More »


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