The Turkel Commission and the Maritime Closure of Gaza
January 2011. The Turkel Commission was asked to examine the May 31, 2010 maritime flotilla incident and to determine whether the maritime closure of the Gaza Strip was in accordance with international law. In this position paper Gisha outlines its position that the overall closure imposed on the Gaza Strip, including the maritime closure, is illegal. Read More »


Facts Behind MFA Report on “Easing” of Gaza Closure
July 2010. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a report detailing steps taken to improve Gaza’s economy pursuant to a June 20, 2010 Israeli Cabinet decision to “ease” the closure. Gisha analyzes what is true and what would be more true about the MFA report. Read More »

FAQs: Movement of students from Gaza to the West Bank
May 2010. Gisha describes the higher education system in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, explains why students from Gaza admitted to West Bank universities cannot attend their studies and explains that the travel ban is not because of concrete security threats posed by the students. Read More »

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