No construction, no jobs
January, 2014. It’s been three and a half months since the Israeli Ministry of Defense banned the sale of construction materials to the private sector in Gaza. Despite the considerable impact on the lives of Gaza’s residents, it’s unclear how long the ban will continue. Read More »


Gaza 2013: Snapshot
June 2, 2013. What is the cause of the electricity shortage in Gaza? Why are medicines lacking? What’s the fishing zone limit? How close can one approach to the border fence? Access issues in Gaza today in seven parts. Read More »

A position paper by Gisha: Creeping Punishment
5 May, 2013. A position paper by Gisha looks at access restrictions imposed in recent months following rocket fire from Gaza toward Israel: what is the impact of the closures on residents of Gaza? What do Israeli farmers and security officials think about it? Read More »


“Red Lines” presentation: a position paper
October 17, 2012. Following a three-and-a-half-year legal battle, the Israeli Defense Ministry revealed the presentation “Food Consumption in the Gaza Strip – Red Lines”. The document contains information about the policy of restricting the entrance of food into the Gaza Strip, which was in effect between 2007 and 2010. Read More »

Student travel between Gaza and the West Bank 101
September 2012. Gisha believes that Palestinian students have a right to study in the Palestinian universities established for their benefit, in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel should lift the 12-year old ban on student travel from Gaza and instead adopt a policy that reflects its obligations and long-term interests, as well as its security concerns. Read More »

Graphing 5 years of closure
June 2012. The following information sheet graphs the changes that have occurred over the past five years, providing context for those changes based on data about access before the closure and showing their impact on the economy. Read More »

The Palestinian economy in the Gaza Strip – a path to long-term development
May 2012: “Realizing Potential”, a report by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, examines the barriers to development faced by Gaza’s health care system and economy. We share here the second chapter of the report, which was written by Gisha. The chapter provides a historical overview of movement restrictions placed on Gaza and offers insight into the potential development of its economy should those restrictions be removed. Read More »

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