10 Years | 10 Judgments 10 Years | 10 Judgments
February 2018. A new report by Gisha presents analysis of ten central judgments concerning the rights of Gaza residents handed down by the Israeli court system in the decade since Israel tightened its closure on the Strip. Read More »

2017: Tightening of the Closure 2017: Tightening of the Closure
January, 2018. A new publication by Gisha reviews and analyzes the measures taken by Israel over the course of 2017, further restricting movement of people to and from Gaza via Erez Crossing. Read More »


Made in Gaza: Two years later Made in Gaza: Two years later
February 2017. More than two years since the last military operation in Gaza, we returned to industry representatives we had interviewed at the time to see how access policy changes have impacted their businesses. This is their account about the progress that has been made and the hurdles still hindering economic growth. Read More »


Two years: 360 degrees Two years: 360 degrees
August 2016. In a special report, Gisha reviews and analyzes what has changed and what has not. The report focuses on three major topics: Reconstruction, movement of goods, and movement of people into and out of Gaza Strip. The road to recovery in Gaza is long and demands substantial changes in Israeli policy on movement. Read the report for a review of the situation on the ground and what measures could be taken to improve recovery efforts. Read More »

Split apart: Civil society organizations in Gaza in their own words Split apart: Civil society organizations in Gaza in their own words
April 10, 2016. Palestinian civil society organizations in Gaza, which operate in the space between government and the population, are strongly impacted by Israel’s separation policy. A new report published by Gisha, based on a series of meetings in Gaza with dozens of representatives of civil society organizations, shares the stories of the organizations and the challenges they face in their work as a result of the policy, as told in their own words. The report also gives a peek at the impressive work and tremendous potential of the third sector in Gaza. Read More »

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