Dreams Deferred Dreams Deferred
March 2018. To mark International Women’s Day, Gisha presents a new publication on the impact of the closure on women in the Gaza Strip. Read More »

10 Years | 10 Judgments 10 Years | 10 Judgments
February 2018. A new report by Gisha presents analysis of ten central judgments concerning the rights of Gaza residents handed down by the Israeli court system in the decade since Israel tightened its closure on the Strip. Read More »

2017: Tightening of the Closure 2017: Tightening of the Closure
January, 2018. A new publication by Gisha reviews and analyzes the measures taken by Israel over the course of 2017, further restricting movement of people to and from Gaza via Erez Crossing. Read More »


Gaza up close Gaza up close
Latest update: June, 2017. New web project by Gisha provides accurate, up-to-date information regarding the closure on Gaza, what has led to its’ implementation, how it impacts people in Gaza and what’s needed to improve the situation. Read More »

Made in Gaza: Two years later Made in Gaza: Two years later
February 2017. More than two years since the last military operation in Gaza, we returned to industry representatives we had interviewed at the time to see how access policy changes have impacted their businesses. This is their account about the progress that has been made and the hurdles still hindering economic growth. Read More »

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