International Women’s Day International Women’s Day
International Women’s Day is being marked today around the world. For us at Gisha, it’s an opportunity to reflect on the prices, both economic and personal, that Palestinian Read More »

Small Businesses, Big Dreams Small Businesses, Big Dreams
People in Gaza are engaged in entrepreneurship in a variety of fields, despite myriad challenges. The small businesses they run create jobs, drive economic activity and allow women Read More »


Cookie Crackdown Cookie Crackdown
November 2018. Inexplicably, Israel continues to impose a ban on the exit of processed foods from Gaza to markets in the West Bank and Israel Read More »

Closing In Closing In
August 2018. Closing In, a new report by Gisha, reviews and analyzes the personal and financial price Gaza residents pay as a result of Israel’s sweeping restrictions on access to areas on land and at sea, inside the Palestinian territory. To read the new report, click here. Read More »

A year in exile A year in exile
April 2018. A new factsheet by Gisha on the uptick in cases where Gaza residents traveling abroad via Erez Crossing were required to sign a commitment whereby they would not request to return home to the Strip for one year, despite meeting Israel’s narrow criteria for travel. Read More »

Dreams Deferred Dreams Deferred
March 2018. To mark International Women’s Day, Gisha presents a new publication on the impact of the closure on women in the Gaza Strip. Read More »

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