Gisha Executive Director Tania Hary will be running at Tel Aviv marathon for freedom of movement of Gaza residents

February 2018. On Friday, February 23, Gisha Executive Director Tania Hary will be running part of the annual Tel Aviv marathon in order to bring awareness to the two million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip who are denied the basic right to freedom of movement.

The length of the entire Gaza Strip is barely the length of one full marathon. Gaza residents know they can’t move beyond the borders of the Strip without Israel or Egypt’s permission. They can run until they hit the wall or the sea, but few are ever granted permission to go further.

At Gisha, we track the impact of restrictions on movement and lead a fight in the courts and in the public sphere to allow people to reunite with and visit family, pursue education and livelihood, and reach opportunities for personal development, including sport – in essence, protecting the right to live and prosper as every person deserves.

Recently we’ve seen a slew of headlines and statements from Israeli officials decrying the deterioration of conditions in the Gaza Strip, as if more than a decade of a failed policy on Gaza didn’t lead us here. Everyone seems to know that the situation in Gaza is horrible, but few are stepping up to help change it.

Hary will run part of the Tel Aviv marathon to bring visibility to the organizations’ work and to call for a fundamental change in the way that Gaza’s two million residents are treated.

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