Two years later: The long road to reconstruction and recovery

August 2016. Following Operation Protective Edge, which left behind unprecedented destruction and ruin in the Gaza Strip, fifty countries gathered at a conference in Cairo, where they pledged 3.5 billions of dollars for reconstruction. Israel’s political leadership, as well as senior security officials, went on record saying Gaza’s reconstruction would serve Israel’s interests, including for security.

In a special report in the eve of the second anniversary of the ceasefire and the establishment of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM), Gisha reviews the slow progress in rebuilding of damaged housing units, neighborhoods, and industry.

Gisha’s position is that all parties must take action to ensure the effective flow of materials needed for building critical infrastructure, closing the gap on the immense shortage in housing units and ensuring conditions for economic development and normal life. While Israel has the means and authority to inspect all goods entering Gaza, it and other influential actors must refrain from engaging in actions that impede the tremendous efforts of those working towards reconstruction and true recovery in the Gaza Strip.

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